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Who crafts your space matters,

as much as who designs your space

True Artisan

Formerly EIKA Furniture Design, but has since evolved to EIKA Furniture Design and Construction have been dedicated to making simple but distinctive renovations. And now, on an even larger scale and complexity. To find out more about us and our work, spend some time browsing our comprehensive portfolio where we featured works that showcase our expertise.

 EIKA is pronounced -AYKAH † ,
has its origins in the Japanese language.
EIKA is of the meaning 'poetry' ;

Many appreciate it, but few truly understand it and all of us are influenced by it, whether or not we acknowledge it.

Where Craft Meets Interior Space

EIKA Furniture Design and Construction have devoted itself to its singular goal of designing and creating outstanding projects since 1999, we have grown our designers' capabilities to guide you through from the most complex spaces down to the extricate details. Browse our updated social media platforms to get a true understanding of our skills and vision.

Cabinet Maker Sketch

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”

Leonardo da Vinci

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HDB DRC NO: HB-09 3530D

Contact Us

 30 Sin Ming Drive, #01-243,  575704 (Workshop)

18 New Industrial Rd, #04-14,  536205  (Showroom)

6556 0837

Come Work Together!
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